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south africa

South africa



South Africa

Dear visitor - Welcome

Short and to the point.
Time, like money, is in short supply. Time, however, can not be borrowed, but luckily money can. 

Our offer to you is this:
One-month loans, re-payable in total at your next salary date.
R500 to R1000 on your first loan.
More than R1000 for those we know well (affordability dependant).
We deposit the loaned amount into your bank account so that you can address that urgent issue right away.
We offer a much lower repayment rate on loans R1000 (or more) applied for on this website.
No one even comes close to the level of service and the rates we offer.

Low repayment rates are very significant, and you should not underestimate their impact.
The difference is more airtime, tea and scones with your friends, enough petrol in the car to take you somewhere and back again. The difference is noticeable.

Now let us see how we compare: 
No more in store visits. You do your lending online like everything else you so comfortably do online anyway. But this is not all we offer; this is just the start. We offer a meaningful personal service. No detached artificial intelligence know-it-all chatbot that talks in circles all the time or frosty disinterested automated mathematical algorithms making the decisions here. We are about care and service. You are not just a number and your stories are important to us. Each one of us has a very specific reason for wanting a loan and big companies just do not get it. E-mail us, phone us, no matter. Savings of R150 every month is not unheard-of here. Hardly a day goes by or we receive a compliment or a thank-you letter from a grateful client.When last did you take the time to write a thank-you letter to your lender or any other company for that matter?

How to proceed:
You need a bank account in your name, an e-mail address, cell phone and be permanently employed. We do however, like any other financial institution, take your credit history and financial capabilities into consideration before approval.


Sincerely yours,
The Paydayloans Management


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