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south africa

South africa



Project Profile
    PAYDAYLOANS, to advance a specific sum-of-money in a very short time, and if within the customer's affordability, till his/her next pay-day-date.

    What we were looking for in our business, was a solution for two problems,

    • The one problem most micro-lending-businesses have is the limitation of the metropolitan area of their business and,
    • The second problem or idea we wanted to explore was the World Wide Web.

    The solution came to us in the design of software to give customers the ability of making a quick, easy and safe loan through the use of the Internet.
    Paydayloans is a well known word in the USA, with similarities also in Europe and other countries, with this said, we were hoping to purchase out of the box software for the project - this was not possible.
    As with most things in life, we had to start from scratch.
    Paydayloans will make it very easy for those who are in need of a quick short term loan.
    As you mave have seen by now, we have tried to make the loan-online-service as good as it can be, we hope it may be one of those systems from whom the whole of the South African community may benefit.
    Regards, The Paydayloans Management Team




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paydayloans south africa

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